Sam L Jackson
Decent prices, excellent customer service, interesting selection. Delta 8 in bud or vape, really interesting incense section
Sarah Woodall
Love this shop. Huge selection and good prices. Everyone is so nice. I have sight issues that glasses can’t fix and every employee including the owner all help me with selections on the wall.they help me find what I need and suggest other products that usually are so much better. They are also very patient even when I ask a million questions. 10/10 ALWAYS coming back ❤️
Have excellent customer service and relations. My 1 and only vape supply store. Thank you!
Neela Haze
If I see a review with less than 5 stars I know you didn't deal with the owner. He knows his products and I haven't seen a store with half as much product in their store. I drive all the way from Thomson to his store. Best product and prices.
Darin Krueger
Great place! The owner and his staff are awesome. They definitely know their stuff and will always help you out! The product selection is great as well!
James Hite
The staff was courteous and knowledgeable, got what I needed, in and out, like 5 minutes. Wish I lived out here to visit regularly. Prices were good too, not obviously marked up, at least for what I bought.
Angel Love
I had the most fun at this shop today ! He opened , showed and explained anything i had a question about . He knows what he sells and how to use everything in the shop. THAT will make me drive past 3 smoke/vape shops to get to this one , every time . PRO TIP : don't hit a (sativa ) delta8 cart while shopping unless your wife knows what you’re spending and how long you will be there conversing .